Play smart and smart. Learn how to play craps correctly!

Many online casinos offer bonus casino games that you can play at no cost. However, you can’t withdraw or cash out any bonus money until your wagering requirements are met or you have played for a minimum amount of time. How can you gamble with the bonus money without losing any of it?

Gambling is just that, gambling. The house always has the edge, so you will likely lose the bonus money the online casino offers you. They also count on you to withdraw your credit card to deposit some money, then lose it. You can meet the betting requirement of an online casino by following this trick: Clearing the online casino bonus is as simple as playing the games with the lowest house edge and hoping luck will be on your side during the short time you are spending their money. You might consider Craps as an online game to clear the bonus.

Craps can be fast-paced. Online craps is even quicker. Online craps allow you to play with the lowest house edge and avoid the slow dealers and other delays experienced at live tables. It is easy to place your bets, and then roll the dice. You can play as quickly as possible to meet your betting or playing requirements.

Craps has one of the lowest house advantage of all casino games. The house advantage for the Pass Line bet is only 1.41 percent. Only 0.85% of the Pass Line with single odds has a house edge. This is less than 1%. Only 1.52% of the house advantage for Place bets on numbers 6 and 8 is available. It’s clear that even with a low house advantage, you can still make bets and be close to a 50-50 match. Remember that if you have a house advantage, even small, you will lose the long-term. Avoid placing bets with high house advantage. Some craps bets can have as much as 16.67% house advantage. Wow! This is a real sucker bet. It is important to understand the game to identify which bets have a low house advantage and which are high. Craps bets that have house advantages less than 2% are considered “good”, while those that have house advantages greater than 4% are considered “bad”. I consider bets between 2 and 4 percent “possible”, but I rarely play them. You should too. I stick to the bets that have the lowest house advantage.

Combining the speed of playing craps with the low house advantage on certain bets makes it easy to clear your online bonus quickly. You might be lucky enough to win during your short playtime. If this happens, you may even have some bonus money to cash out for a profit.

It is important not to expect to win every time. You will most likely lose your bonus money before you meet the wagering requirement. So don’t spend your bonus money if you lose it.

You now know what to do! You now know how to play craps correctly.

Bill Enslen, a reliability engineer, routinely works with statistics. Having played and analyzed casino craps [] for 30 years, he does not offer false hope nor prey on your burning desire to beat the casino. Instead, he gives you the facts and shows you how to maximize your enjoyment without losing your shirt. You can fall for bizarre claims about your ability to beat the casino if you don’t fully understand the game. You can’t and will not win. Don’t fall for the trap of being a fool. Play intelligent and smart. Learn how to play craps correctly.