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Islands Of Galapagos Slot Machine

Charles Darwin, the intrepid explorer, was so fascinated by the beautiful wildlife and climate he discovered on the Galapagos that he spent a lot of time studying them. Now you can play this slot game version of this small paradise to the west of South America, in the Pacific Ocean.

High 5 Games slot game allows you to enjoy more than just admiring the beautiful birds, such as the Frigate, the Masked Booby, and Giant Turtles and Penguins. You can also win prizes!

These Islands are home to many other exciting features, including Eggs that trigger a Free Games Bonus and Double Symbols, Wilds, or a Super Symbol Feature, which includes Locked Reels.

Darwin’s Discoveries

Darwin would have loved the opportunity to play 50 lines every time he played this 5-reel slot game. He’d also have taken great delight in trying out to spot as many birds and animals as possible to boost your chances of winning more prizes. To win line-bet multipliers, line up various single and double animal symbols. These prizes include up to 400x for colorful lizards who love to lounge on rocks or penguins that enjoy diving into the sea. You can also win up to 600x your line bet to spot Masked Boobies and the beautiful red-breasted Frigates. For everyone’s favorite Giant Turtles, it’s up for 1,000x.

Egg-citing Features

All the Galapagos Island inhabitants have one thing in common: they all lay eggs. While you shouldn’t disturb the eggs, you can trigger the Free Games Bonus by finding eggs on reels 1, 3, and 5. You will receive ten free games, including Wild Islands of Galapagos Logos and a Super Symbol Feature featuring Locked Reels.

Super Symbols Feature: Reels 2, 3, and 4 will lock together and then be covered by a series of regular and super symbols. These symbols can take up 2×2 reel positions, 2×3 reel positions, or 3×3 reel positions. To maximize your chances of winning big prizes, all super marks will become one symbol at the start of every free spin.

The Wild Islands of Galapagos Logos will also help increase your prize money, as each wild symbol can substitute an animal symbol.

All players get to enjoy all 50 pay lines on every spin. However, you can also choose from a wide range of line-bets that will suit everyone, even the most high-rollers.

You can fly anywhere on the planet in slot games, even multiple places on H5G Geo Quest Slot. But there are few better places than the Island of the Galapagos. You can see beautiful animals here and win even more prizes when you play the super symbols and free games. Don’t be an island; visit the Galapagos Islands.