Some people are more fascinated about games, for movies and some from different sources like blog, news portal to spent time and also gain some knowledge about that particular thing. This is one of my enormous experiences of life of playing games and fun.

jurassic park slot

jurassic park slot

A year ago in winter, I heard about casino games and more about these types of activity. As usual I go through the internet and collect all required information and read some articles from blogs of online casino and gambling. From there, I selected a game called Jurassic Park because everyone knows about this is movie with great awards. So, mostly people attracts towards those games having a movie name. But I am afraid because all about Jurassic park I only heard but not seen so without wasting a time I go to YouTube and watched the trailer and download the movie in high pixels. After saw this movie I switched to the game and see all slot reviews. There are some sites which I found had all required stuff for this game like eBook, video tutorials and some snapshots to illustrate to the end user and provide satisfactory results.

Now this time to play it, as I am waiting for this moment, first I saw a movie to play this game because whenever you want to make a complete fun, you have to go through basics and I done that. I started this game with some of my friends and had a great team experience of this sport. Jurassic park is one of most searching keyword in Google. Through online you can find more stuff about Jurassic park like movie scenes, dinosaur’s animations, quotes etc. You can also search this movie to see ratings in imdb and can get some brief knowledge through Wikipedia.

Lady Peacock Slots

High 5 Games Lady Peacock slot isn’t inspired by the movie Lady Peacock, which is about drag queens. Instead, it’s a beautiful slot that features artists’ paintings of brightly colored Peacocks and their lady caretakers.

The Asian-oriented slot uses serene scenery like snowy mountains to show off the peacocks. All spins are accompanied by mood-reflecting relaxing tunes that can make your slots sessions feel as tranquil as a stroll around a country estate. Players can also enjoy free games, wild peacock feathers, and a vertically expanding wild feature. There are prizes to be won for matching all these symbols.

There are 243 ways you can win every spin. Additionally, a wide variety of total bets are available, with prizes multiplied using the line multiplier.

Feather your Nest

All of us want to win big prizes. The first thing to believe is how much you will stake per spin. There are 243 ways to win. You can use a 1000x multiplier or any of the many variants that go up to a 250 million times multiplier. This allows you to place bets up to 500 coins and 125,000,000 Coins each spin.

These bets may then be multiplied by matching up to 3 to 5 symbols from any poker symbol, Lady Peacock, or peacock.

All Poker Symbols (which include Jack, Queen and King, Ace, or Ace) pay up 50x your line bet. The various Peacocks pay as high as 100x your lines bet. There are four types of peacocks you should be looking out for: a two-tone, stunning blue and golden, a green-and-blue, and a blue-and-blue one. To celebrate wins, peacocks will also spread their tail feathers like Asian fans. Lady Peacock can be seen in an orange or green dress. These dresses pay up to 300x the line bet.

Wild Times

It’s difficult to imagine anything going wild because of Lady Peacock’s serene surroundings and soothing music. Wild Peacock Feathers, however, can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. They can replace all prize symbols to increase the number of prize lines won.

The Vertically Expanding Wild Feature is activated when Wilds are present. All Wilds will expand vertically to fill all positions on the reels they are on, increasing your chances of winning huge prizes.

Scattered Peacock Feathers are another thing to watch out for. When they appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously, they will trigger seven free spins, in which you can get seven additional prizes.

High 5 Games provides players with relaxing music and beautiful symbols, as seen in games such as Enchanted Beauty. Lady Peacock’s characters will appeal to those who love this slot. This is further enhanced by Wilds and Free Spins. The extensive range of line-bets available and the 243 ways players can win big prizes will not disappoint.